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ACTIVITY: Concrete. Decking/pouring. ANALYZED BY: Steve. Stetson,. Manager DS&P Safety. Services. REVIEWED BY: PRINCIPLE STEPS. POTENTIAL HAZARDS. R- camelwayMENDED. CONTROLS. Mobilizing equipment onto jobsite. Losing load, slip/trip/fall, power line contact. • Test all horns and lights, inspect all mirrors 

Job Safety Analysis (Jsa) | Concrete | Safety – Scribd

Job Safety Analysis (Jsa) | Concrete | Safety – Scribd

JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS (JSA) Select Record Examine Develop Install Maintain . Training 4 Transfer concrete material into concrete mixer Ergonomic. do maintenance for mixer 1 Prepare a concrete mixer 2 Prepare aggregates. Struck By Training. Ear plug. . machine by using scoop. water and cement Dust Face mask 3 

Establishing proper job procedures is one of the benefits of conducting a job safety analysis carefully studying and recording each step of a job, identifying existing or potential job hazards (both . Is the worker wearing clothing or jewelry, or have long hair that could get caught in the machinery or otherwise cause a hazard?

Alert employees of the need for awareness of equipment, and warned to never assume the operator knows of the presence of the ground personnel. Do not use short-cuts, avoid blind spots. Truck drivers MUST stay in truck. Use of power tools and cement mixers . Being struck by hand or power tools. Review proper way to 

Often times, employees who routinely utilize equipment and/or perform specific job tasks are better able to identify certain hazards associated with the work, so it is critical that The following Job Safety Analysis (JSA) templates are available for download in Microsoft Word. CHEMICAL MIXING WITH A WAXING STATION 

Use care with the load out chute on concrete mixers to avoid injuries to hands and fingers. Beware of hot surfaces on equipment and truck- camelwayponents. Guard eyes against splashes of aggregate materials during loading and unloading. Use hearing protection if needed to guard against excessive noise exposure during 

cement mixers . Being struck by hand or power tools . Review proper way to operate tools. Prohibit removal of guards or other safety features. Remove, repair or replace damaged or unsafe tools. Keep hands away from moving machinery. “ Shock or electrocution from power tools. Alert operator to hazards of electricity.

Equipment, setup and takedown (Word) (PDF) Folder (Word) (PDF) Fuel Container, handling (Word) (PDF) Gas Caddie, refueling (Word) (PDF) Generator, ER Truck (Word) (PDF) Glazes, mixing (Word) (PDF) Grinder, angle (Word) (PDF) Grinder, bench (Word) (PDF) Grinder, bench 

Mar 10, 2013 One of the most- camelwaymon jobs on any building site is mixing cement in a cement mixer, this task is normally carried out by unskilled persons. and there are risks that should be Injury from moving parts, Operator, Ensure that ALL machine guards are in place.Ensure that hands and arms are kept out of the 

C/M or P/M. Reviewed: CONSTRUCTION JOB HAZARDS ANALYSIS. Concrete Truck / Pumping. Building & Room(s):. Contractor/Subcontractor Name: Rev: 2015. Scope of Work: Please list the scope of work in this area. (Example pumping, pouring & finishing 5 yds of concrete) (and remove these directions).


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