Concrete Batching Plant is a Complete Solution for Ready Mixed Concrete, Mefbd is a China leading expert company in manufacturing plants for the production of environmentally friendly high quality concrete. HZS series concrete mixing plants developed by Mefbd Machinery are built to optimize the production efficiency, the quality of concrete mixture, and your return on investment. Equipped with different models of twin shaft mixers, our batch plants have the capacity from 25m³/h to 240 m³/h, which can satisfy various construction requirements whether for temporary installation, special projects or permanent facilities.

Concrete Batching Plant is a Complete Solution for Ready Mixed Concrete

Perfect for small yards and for average concrete production, the dry-batch plant EURO 4VE/WET is designed to fit in standard shipping containers, making them easy to transport and handle. The plant can be configured for central or lateral aggregate extraction.
Depending on the geographical position the plant can be supplied with plugging, insulation and cooling systems for cold countries and with a set of devices for the addition of ice into the mixture for warm countries.

…or something like this:

The plant delivers the dry concrete materials into the truck mixer vehicle and injects the necessary volume of water, cement and additives at the same time. The product is then held in the drum of the vehicle which revolves and agitates the wet mix whilst delivering it to its destination.

Euro Dry UM 4VE 5VE 6VE
Max hourly output m3/h 85 85 85
yd3/h 105 105 105
Aggregate storage bins n° 4 5 6
Aggregate storage – at full capacity m3 95/180 150/220 260*
yd3 124/235 196/288 340*
Cement class n° 1-4 1-4 1-4
Aggregate weighing system kg 20000 20000 15000
lb 44,092 44,092 44,092
Cement weighing system Kg 5000 5000 5000
lb 11,023 11,023 11,023
Water batching Ø 2″ 2″ 2″
Extractor belt with sheet 800 mm m3/h 90÷180 90÷180 90÷180
yd3/h 118÷235 118÷235 118÷235
Conveyor belt with sheet 800 mm m3/h 180 180 180
yd3/h 33 33 33
Operating voltage V 400 400 400
Operating frequency Hz 50 50 50
Installed electrical power HP/Kw 68/50 68/50 68/50